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AddressNo.121, 2nd floor, Abhiksha Complex,
Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560019

Phone 8152883388


Why Vibez Estates?

Project Highlights and Advantages

  • Motorable road till the Plots
  • Security to the property round the years
  • Seperate Borewells for customers buying 4 Acres
  • 30% appriciation on the land in next three years
  • Cost of 34 lakhs for 1 Acre including Land Leveling, Solar Fencing, Drip Irrigation and planting of tissue culture Bagwa plants
  • 40 Mins from Bangalore International Airport
  • Upcoming IT Industry to the property
  • Green Houses Available to near to property which says good source of water availabilty.


  • Can I own an agriculture land if yes, how?
    Ans: Yes a non-agriculturist can own a Agriculture land by taking the DC permission under Sec.80 of Land Reforms Act.
  • Can I buy the land now and set the cultivation after 1 year?
    Ans: No, the land comes with pomegranate plantation which is done before the registration of the land.
  • What are the different types of pomegranates available in the market and how is your pomegranate plantation better than others?
    Ans: There are many types of pomegranate plantation , but tropical type of pomegranate plantation are suitable for South India, while choosing the green weather condition in South India.
  • Can I sell my plantation in future?
    Ans: Yes , After minimum locking period of 3 years, anyone can exit the project.
  • 5. What is the ROI? Is there any assured returns?
    Ans: Normally we work on revenue sharing model. We deliver 70% of the net revenue generated to our customers and keep 30% as our share. If the customer is interested in assured revenue, we assure 1 lac for each acre which will be starting from the second year from the date of Contract. The revenue generated will be Tax Free income.
  • Who will cultivate or produce?
    Vibez Estates with its associate management company who is a leader in the industry of plantation management and exports will be managing the farm and production activity.
  • What would be the appreciation of the plantation land for the next 3 years?
    a.The investment will be linked to fair value of the land as per government and market.
    b.The same tool will be used to arrive at the value of the land in case of exist.
    c.We expect minimum 30% appreciation of the land in the next 3 years.
  • What is the total extent of the land in your current project and the total project value?
    Ans: Total extent of land is around 40 acres. Total project value is around 10 Crs. valuation.
  • How about the road access?
    Ans: The land is situated right on the main road and has road access to every plot.
  • Why should we sell only after 2 years?
    Ans: Pomegranate plantation starts yielding after 18 months hence the appreciation of land will be minimum of 20%-30%. According to our maintenance agreement you can sell the land only after 2 years.
  • How many years the plantation would be?
    Ans: Over 15 years.
  • Can I have the legal documents of the land for verification?
    Ans: We will be happy to give you the legal documents for verification subject to the booking of the land.
  • What is the minimum area of land that one should buy?
    Ans: The minimum area to be bought is 2 acres.
  • What is the booking amount to block the plot ?
    Ans: You can book the plot by paying 6 lacs.

Our Achievements

Indira Priyadarshini Award - 2013.

It is an honour for Bangalore-based Vibez Estates to be rewarded the Indira Priyadarshini Award by present Pondicherry Governor – Virendra Kataria, Former Union Minister and Governor – Dr. Bhishma Narayan Singh, Former Election Commissioner of India – Dr. G.V.G. KrishnaMurthy, and Former Governor Sikkim – B.P. Singh in New Delhi on 20th November, for its

Business Excellence and Achievement Award - 2015

We are delighted to inform you that you have WON the award for the SME Excellence Award in Customer Satisfaction in AGRICULTURE & FARMING EQUIPMENT sector.A BIG Congratulations from KSMBOA for this achievement!.KSMBOA is on its way to create history and to be a strong backbone to all the MSME Entrepreneurs for all their struggles and hardships. With the huge appreciation and response that we are getting today from the government and Businesses.

Anantara, the Best Eco-Homes Project of the Year Award - 2018.

This award is jointly organized by Quikr Homes & Realty Fact and we are truly humbled and honored to receive it. In a larger sense, it is dedicated to our customers and our many partners who have collaborated with us in achieving our vision of “An Eco Home initiative where all residents, their families and surrounding communities flourish and thrive.”